Saturday, April 19, 2008

The 5 C's of Arizona

As you travel through the Grand Canyon state, you might notice that some industries and businesses are more prevalent than others. Schoolchildren in Arizona are taught that the economy of the state are based on 5 major industries: The 5 C's of Arizona. This might seem like an oversimplification of things, but show me any A's or B's or W's or whatever that are more Arizonan than the 5 C's!

OK, so here they are:

- Copper
- Cattle
- Cotton
- Citrus
- Climate

OK, so the first four might not be as all-important to the economy of the state as they once were. They did however make a lot of people come to Arizona in the early days, and they do still play quite important roles.

The last one though, Climate, is as far as I am concerned THE biggest underlying reason for the state's success in attracting newcomers in the past few decades. The climate and the sunshine is pretty nice! Well, except for the summer months when I think most will agree it gets way too hot.

By the way, check out the state seal: The five C's of Arizona are all represented:

1 comment: said...

I've been living in Arizona for almost 2 years and i've become accustomed to the "5 C's"!

Arizona is great! I love it here!

And I totally found a cool infographic/picture showing the 5 C's in Arizona - check it out!